How We Help?

The LCLC helps by:

  • Providing a facility FREE OF CHARGE to educational institutions; local businesses and industry; community groups; literacy council; Cooperative Education services
  • Matching learner needs with schools and community resources and agencies
  • Assisting businesses in education and training initiatives for employees
  • Increasing the capabilities of the existing workforce
  • Preparing people to (re)enter the labor force

Where We Are?

The LCLC is located at 101 S. Mercer Street, New Castle, Pennsylvania. The LCLC has approximately 2,500 sq. feet of space at the Lawrence County Career Link. This space is used for training and continuing education by a diverse group of providers and students.

What We Offer?

The LCLC has two large classrooms that seat 20-24 students, a small group room for tutoring or instruction, and a computer lab with 15 computers. There are also 18 laptop computers which can be used in the classrooms. The facility provides WiFi, dry erase boards and a projector.

The LCLC also uses satellite sites throughout Lawrence County as a way to provide education/training to a wider range of learners.